BSGTL Orientation

Small Group Leader Orientation

A ‘To Do’ List (Steps to Small Group Leadership at Crossroads)


Note:  All materials/resources can also be obtained by contacting John Frye at 981-0222 or


To Do



Certification Process

0.0   Consider Your Calling




1 hour to review materials

Review Crossroads Small Group Ministry at


Answer two questions for yourself:

1.   What is this ministry all about?

2.   Might God be calling me to lead in this ministry?

0.5 Complete General   

      Leader Orientation

      (general training for all

       Crossroads leaders)

2-3 hours

Through Self-Study, at your own pace, listen to the two Leadership Orientation training sessions required for all Leaders at Crossroads. See General “Leadership Orientation” at:

1.       Complete Basic SG Training



3-5 hours

Through Self-Study, at your own pace, listen to the basic training sessions, fill in outline, and complete the “Final Exam” on your own.  See “Basic Small Group” training description at:


Obtain Basic Small Group Training for Leaders material at

2.       Submit a Leadership Application



30 min

Complete a Leadership Application at


Mail Hardcopy To:                    or                    E-mail Document To:

  Attn: John Frye                                      

  Small Groups Department

  2721 Millbrook Road

  Raleigh, NC  27604

3.       Attend an Interview


2 hours

Attend an Interview with a Small Group Ministry Leader – A pastor, or certified Ministry Leader, will contact you once you submit your application.  You will do two things at this meeting:

1.       Review your application

2.       Discuss and questions you have about your Basic Training


If approved for ministry, you will be assigned a personal “Small Group Coach” to support, direct, and encourage you in your ministry going forward.

Self Study/On-going Training

4.       Attend Intermediate SG Training


~10 Sessions 1.5 Hours Each

By Attending Class (was self study – now class):  Read Nine Keys to Effective Small Group Leaders by Carl George and attend associated training sessions (offered every semester in Sunday School).  See “Intermediate” training description at:


A Ministry Leader/Pastoral sponsorship (see step #3 above) is required to attend this training. You can register on-line at (see Sunday School registration).  Specify your sponsor in the “comments” when you register.

5.       Other Self Study Training


Identify skills to develop on your Growth Plan each year.  Your Ministry Leader will assist you with this.

Ministry Goals

6.       Recruit an Apprentice


Your Small Group Coach will assist you with this.  This is critical to the long term health of your small group.

7.       Train an Apprentice



Your Small Group Coach will assist you with this.  Have your apprentice at least start the above orientation process for small group leaders.