How do I host my small group?


You may be asking, “What do I need to do to host my small group”? Read-on to get some answers!

  1. Is it hard to host?

Absolutely not!  If you have a warm heart and an open door, you are most of the way there!  Hosting means you are allowing your small group to meet at your home where they can sit and talk while the children are in another room playing (if applicable for your group).  The host provides a place (but not necessarily the actual snacks) for folks to have some refreshments (like soda and cookies) but doesn’t have to provide these each week.

  1. Do I have to host every meeting?

No!  Your group can share this responsibility.  Different members can sign-up to host for each meeting. Of course, be sure everyone has directions to the next host location!  Having said this, if possible, it is best to limit the number of different hosting homes when a group is first starting to meet.  This makes it easier for members to know where to go for your group meetings and to know how logistics like childcare will be handled.

  1. What if I can’t host one meeting?

If you have to miss a group meeting, simply ask someone else in your group to host that evening. If that doesn't work out there is no problem with pushing back a meeting.

  1. Do I need toys/activities for the children (if applicable)?

No!  Each child should bring their own age appropriate toys, books, and a video for themselves.  This way no matter what the host home has in terms of child friendly toys, each child will already have what they need (“toys come with the kid”).

  1. What happens if I have an emergency and can’t host a meeting?

It is always a good idea to have a “plan B” host home available just in case an emergency arises.  This won’t likely happen, but just in case, it is good to have this in place.  Also, make sure you have a list of your group members with contact info so you can contact the “plan B” host and confirm with them.  Then contact the other members in your group to let them know as well (you can often divide up the list with the “plan B” host to make this easier…e.g. “you take the first 3 families on the list and I’ll take the last 3 families on the list”).

  1. How many people should I be expecting to accommodate?

Your group will range from 6 to 12 members typically.  The number of children will vary but typically 4 to 10 is normal.  Remember that the more kids, the more likely you will also have a couple of the adults doing childcare on any given night so that all the small group adults won’t need chairs for the meeting time (e.g. a group of 12 adults with young kids will likely have 10 adults meeting for discussions and 2 adults watching the kids).

  1. What if I have a special situation I need to address if I am to host?

If you have a dog or other special situation, simply inform your small group so they are aware of it.  Typically it is best to have pets put away and your phone ringer turned off once your group meeting begins so that you won’t have any interruptions. 

  1. Will I be asked to continue hosting when our agreed to series completes?

We are SO grateful for your willingness to host during this series.  When your commitment is over, each host needs to personally decide what his or her role will be with the group. It is our hope that some hosts will choose to continue with their groups. If that ends up not being your plan, know that we (and your group!) are VERY grateful for you having hosted but that we know you must do what is best for you and your family going forward.  You can hand the hosting baton to another in your group so they can continue…be sure to let them know how easy (but fulfilling) it was to host :o).