How do I provide refreshments for my small group?


You may be asking, “What do I need to bring for refreshments to my small group”? Read-on to get some answers!

  1. What should I bring?

You don’t have to be fancy!  A bottle of soda and a pack of cookies are just fine.  Some people like to bring fancy refreshments…some people like to bring basic refreshments!  The solution is to do what you feel comfortable doing.  If someone in your group has fun cooking and brings something special when they are signed up for refreshments, that’s fine for them.  You can be thankful as you enjoy what they brought but DON’T feel obligated to try and match their “snackability”!  I’m personally not much of a “refreshment kind of guy” so I enjoy what other folks bring but just bring something basic when it’s my turn.

  1. How much should I bring?

Remember this is just meant to be something folks can fellowship over.  The idea is to have a snack…not a meal! Here is my staple that I bring to small group to give you an example:  (a) If only adults (no kids), I bring 1 two liter sprite and 1 bag of chocolate chip cookies;  (b) If adults and kids, I double this (2 of each).

  1. What if I can’t afford refreshments for the group?

Don’t worry!  No one in your group wants you to feel placed on the spot or obligated to bring refreshments.  You’ll soon know who likes to bring refreshments.  Just mention to them that you’d be willing to let them have your “refreshment spot” and they will jump on it in no time (they’ll be EXCITED to get to have another opportunity to bring refreshments).  You can also just mention this to your small group leader and he or she will make sure you don’t have to bring refreshments.  Again, your group wants you to be apart of their group but doesn’t want you to feel pressured so know that they will love you and accept you even when you can’t participant in some way like bringing refreshments.

  1. Why have refreshments?

The early church met from house to house and shared food together as a way to connect in fellowship.  When you have refreshments in your small group, you are continuing this tradition (see Acts 2:42).  Also, for most people, having something “to do” when you aren’t having your official discussion time helps them interact more comfortably verses standing around feeling awkward.  Some simple refreshments can go a long way towards helping people relax and get to know one another!