Neighborhood Ice Cream Socials


Why have a neighborhood ice cream social?


There are many people from Crossroads that may live in your neighborhood but have not had a chance to meet one another.  By having a simple, fun social and inviting folks from your neighborhood to hook up, you’ll probably find out there are many folks just like you that live right around the corner!  Also, at the social you can find out if there are any folks interested in possibly forming a small group.  Having a small group close by would allow you to meet regularly for Bible study, fellowship, and support.  At a minimum, you’ll make a few new friends that live nearby.   Best case is you’ll meet the folks that will soon become your close friends in your new small group!


What would I need to do to host an ice cream social?


If you are willing to host an ice cream social, all you would have to do is contact John Frye at to get started!  In a nutshell, Crossroads will contact folks in your neighborhood for you, will pay for all the food/supplies for the event, will act as “MC” at the event, and will follow-up with folks afterwards.  What you do is actually host the event itself by opening your home, getting the food/supplies, and welcoming folks when they arrive :o).


What would be the “next steps” after an ice cream social?


After the ice cream social, John Frye would follow-up with folks that attended and provide them with a contact list of folks in their neighborhood (if they indicated they wanted to be on the list).  He would also follow-up with individuals that indicated they were interested in forming a new small group.  He would then work with these folks to try and start a new small group in the neighborhood.


What is the first step if I want to host an ice cream social?


Simply contact John Frye at and he’ll get you started!  Very easy and fun!  Want to go ahead and consider what the “five” steps are to starting a new small group by having an ice cream social?  See steps to starting a small group.


Anything else I need to know about these ice cream socials?


Ever wish you new a few more of your neighbors?  Looking for some other people that have similar interests and things in common with you?  Taking a simple step to eat some ice cream with a few folks is a great way to make this happen!  Many people have already taken this step in their neighborhoods and have begun developing deep friendships.  They are connecting, growing, and serving in practical, daily ways as they experience the life transforming power of Christ in their life!  Want to hear their stories?  Click here!