Small Group Ministry

Crossroads Fellowship

Recommended Book List


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Core Crossroads Books Leaders Should Read


1.      Leading from Your Strengths: Building Close-Knit Ministry Teams


2.      Leading from Your Strengths: Building Intimacy in Your Small Group


3.      Nine Keys to Effective Small Group Leadership


4.      Leading Life-Changing Small Groups (Handbook)


5.      Coaching Life-Changing Small Group Leaders (Handbook)


Personal Leadership Development Books


1.    The Billy Graham Christian Workers Handbook - Billy Graham*


2.    Changes that Heal - Dr. Henry Cloud*


3.    The Making of a Leader - Dr. J. Robert Clinton


4.    Spiritual Leadership - Robert K. Greenleaf


5.    The Heart of a Great Pastor - H.B. London


6.    In the Name of Jesus - Henri Nouwen


7.    Developing the Leader Within You - John C. Maxwell


8.    Developing the Leaders Around You - John C. Maxwell*


Small Group Leadership Development


1.    Life Together - Dietrich Bonhoeffer*


2.    Community that is Christian - Julie Gorman


3.    Small Group Idea Book - Cindy Bunch


4.    How to Lead Small Groups - Neal F. McBride*


5.    Beyond Small Groups - Mike Slaughter


6.    Seven Tools for Building Effective Groups - Jeff Arnold


7.    Discipleship Journal's 101 Best Small Group Ideas - Deena Davis


8.    How to have Great Small Group Meetings - Neal McBride


* Pastors Choice


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